Thin Layer vs Deep Level Gamification

Thin vs deep gamification 1 Thin Layer vs Deep Level Gamification
Thin Layer vs Deep Level Gamification

Andrzej Marczewski

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  1. Vicky BelladinoVicky Belladino says:

    Hi Andrzej,
    good concept. It explained each segment clean and well.
    But i still don’t understand, is engaging user interface also considered gamification? what kind of interface? Although i know that user interface and experience are different. In the case that user interface are the engaging factor, isn’t the good experience that make it impactful in long term?

    • Hi and thanks.

      If you are using game like elements or ideas in your user interface, then it could be considered gamified. So if you have a form and you as people to build an avatar rather than tick gender boxes, that would be a little bit of gamification.
      A nice UI, even an engaging one, is only gamified if it has something that comes from games in it. Either way, always always have an engaging interface!!
      To help with defining these things, take a look here
      Andrzej Marczewski
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      • Vicky BelladinoVicky Belladino says:

        Oh, ok. Thanks for explanation.
        So, it means gamified interface.

        Its just my opinion, but i think people only seeing your 4-quadrant diagram and brief explanation without reading the whole concept will probably get different idea. At first, i think every deep level is about intrinsic, and thin layer is extrinsic. But as i understand now, it’s not.

        User Interface (as you mentioned, avatar) for example, is more like autonomy core drives which is intrinsic. Serious game also can be extrinsic driven, like playing driving simulator for getting a license, rather than just master it.

  2. Niamh ParkinsonNiamh Parkinson says:

    Interesting stuff… Very clearly explained and makes a lot of sense! But do you think a serious game can also be intrinsic. For example, if the serious game requires problem solving and instead of finishing once the problem is solved it offers new more challenging problems? Or does this mean it steps over then into the intrinsic category?

    • Ooo, good question. The point with a serious game is to achieve something. Be it problem solving, teaching or what ever. This is a short term goal. Now, we all hope that a serious game is intrinsically rewarding to play – fun if you will. Having new challenges and hours and hours of gameplay, whilst not the norm, does happen ( for example). Does that push it into long term intrinsic gamification? Possibly yes. However, the goal was still short term. Solve a problem.

      Food for thought

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