Learning from the Dark Side of the Gig Economy: Unraveling Incentives and Behavioral Challenges

1214227 Learning from the Dark Side of the Gig Economy Unraveling Incentives and Behavioral Challenges

We’ve all been there. You stop at traffic lights, and a frenzied delivery cyclist swiftly zips in front, ignoring the light. Perhaps you’re at KFC, jostled by a swarm of Deliveroo and Uber Eats drivers, all clamouring and gesturing at order numbers on their phones. Or maybe you find yourself unable to access your driveway because a colossal white van obstructs it, while an Amazon delivery person leaves £300 worth of electrical goods on your neighbour’s doorstep in the pouring rain. Read More ...

Free Chapter – And Some Gamification Tips

True loyalty meme Free Chapter 8211 And Some Gamification Tips

Just as New Year passes us, I thought I would throw out a free chapter from my book. It is one of my favorites actually, all about loyalty!

Free Chapter on Loyalty

Now for the tips mentioned in the title :).

If you are looking at gamification in 2016, there are a few things you really need to know about. I am not going to just give it to you, where is the fun in that? Search the site, search Google and see what you can find out!

  1. Intrinsic Motivation
  2. Self Determination Theory
  3. Overjustification Effect. Really important to understand!
  4. Competition vs Collaboration
  5. MDA Framework
  6. 4 Keys 2 Fun
  7. Serious games, Games based learning
  8. Play
  9. Player / User Types
  10. Gamification Code of Ethics

Let me know if you have any questions 😉