User Types HEXAD: What Links Philanthropists to Socialisers

Hexad Evolution 2 User Types HEXAD What Links Philanthropists to Socialisers

A new paper looking to validate the User Types HEXAD Survey has just been released from the HCI Games Group (Games Institute, and Cheriton School of Computer Science, University of Waterloo). You can find it here Empirical validation of the Gamification User Types Hexad scale in English and Spanish or free…

One of the findings is something that has been noted before and is not a surprise to me, but something I realise I have never explained. The finding is that the Philanthropist and Socialiser types are very closely linked when you look into them. Read More ...

Correcting the Misconceptions Around the Philanthropist User Type and Purpose

Landscape 1485169810 Correcting the Misconceptions Around the Philanthropist User Type and Purpose

One of the things that happens when you create popular frameworks and the like, is that people like to interpret them to fit their needs. This is why I created the User Types Hexad in the first place – so that I no longer had to interpret Bartle’s Player Types to fit my needs in gamification!

However, what can happen is that the interpretations become more popular than the original and if you are not careful the meaning of the original is lost. This is true of one of the types in my Hexad – and I am not innocent in the issue! I have allowed the change to happen, even integrating it into the types and my motivation framework RAMP. The type in question is the Philanthropist and the motivation Purpose. Read More ...

Free Chapter – And Some Gamification Tips

True loyalty meme Free Chapter 8211 And Some Gamification Tips

Just as New Year passes us, I thought I would throw out a free chapter from my book. It is one of my favorites actually, all about loyalty!

Free Chapter on Loyalty

Now for the tips mentioned in the title :).

If you are looking at gamification in 2016, there are a few things you really need to know about. I am not going to just give it to you, where is the fun in that? Search the site, search Google and see what you can find out!

  • Intrinsic Motivation
  • Self Determination Theory
  • Overjustification Effect. Really important to understand!
  • Competition vs Collaboration
  • MDA Framework
  • 4 Keys 2 Fun
  • Serious games, Games based learning
  • Play
  • Player / User Types
  • Gamification Code of Ethics
  • Read More ...

    Gamification is sh1t. Let’s make it better.

    Gamification glossary Gamification is sh1t Let 8217 s make it better

    I thought that might get your attention. Excuse the contrived use of the 1 in shit there as well, firewalls can be so jumpy about certain words.

    Now back to my point.

    Gamification, in far too many cases right now,  is indeed shit. I am not saying gamification itself is bad, just a lot of the uses and applications of gamification that we are seeing out there falls into that particularly odorous category.

    It’s as if gamification has become the duct tape of user design. “The user experience is a bit off, what should we do? Add gamification”. “The system is not great, people get stuck and don’t like using it, what should we do? Add gamification – points and badges will fix it!”. “We need to improve efficiency in the department. How can we do that? A leaderboard you say? Let’s do it!” Read More ...

    Points & Badges Video Tutorial

    Vlcsnap 2014 03 27 11h36m24s217 Points 038 Badges Video Tutorial

    The fourth video in my series of tutorials (finally!!)

    This one is just a short (10 minute) look at points and badges in gamified systems and how to make some use of them. Not all that different from my Points and Badges: Not Totally Evil blog post, but also talks about balancing and best use case.