Exploring the Meta-Rules of Play

Meta rules Exploring the Meta Rules of Play

In my last blog, I introduced the concept of Meta-Rules. These were the non-system or inherent rules that actually guide how people play.

I spoke about them rather abstractly, describing them in the following way

These [meta-rules] rules are beyond what you would consider written or system imposed rules. These are fluid rules that can change moment by moment. These are the rules that define how play unfolds. These are the unspoken rules that children manage to communicate to each other when they are playing, where the situation is constantly changing, but they always seem to be able to adapt to the changes without fuss Read More ...

Status, motivation and primal instinct

Status Status motivation and primal instinct

Note, when I am talking about user types, I am referring to my classification  user types found here! Since I released the User Types Hexad, I speak less about the extrinsic group outside of calling them Players. To help;

Consumer=Player Achiever.
Self Seeker=Player Philanthropist.
Networkers=Player Socialiser.
Exploiter=Player Free Spirit.

Status in the realms of gamification is a funny thing. It is something that we all agree is important, but seem divided on its nature. Some talk about it as an intrinsic motivator others extrinsic. Read More ...

My year of blogging 2011

A look back at my blogs from 2011. Interesting to see me slowly switching focus from Social Media and Technology to nearly all Gamification!

New Year – What could it Bring

Posted on December 31, 2011Well, in a few hours it will be 2012. Now, sadly we are not traveling in flying cars though luckily it doesn’t look like the world is going to end. So what is going to happen in 2012? I think it is pretty certain that a gajillion new social media related jobs will be created. That said, I have to wonder how long that can last. More…Posted in Opinion Read More ...

Interview with Andrew Grill CEO of Kred

Kred logo Interview with Andrew Grill CEO of Kred

When I started this Blog, my actual aim was to talk about social media and influence. My focus shifted, but every now and then an opportunity to talk about it again raises its head. So, I am very excited and pleased to present a Q & A session with Kred CEO Andrew Grill.

To get us started, how about a brief intro to what exactly Kred is 🙂

Kred, created by social analytics leader PeopleBrowsr, measures influence in online communities connected by interests. Kred is the first social scoring system to provide a comprehensive score for Influence and Outreach by valuing engagement and interaction over follower count. It is the only influence measurement based on over 1,000 days of social data and to offer completely transparent score calculation. Read More ...

Confessions, Klout and Contradictions

In my third set of musings around social influence and indexing tools such as Klout, I feel it is time to confess a few things.

But first, you may have noticed from my previous posts - I am not a fan of the importance being put on the afore mentioned tools in the industry.