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My year of blogging 2011 1

My year of blogging 2011

A look back at my blogs from 2011. Interesting to see me slowly switching focus from Social Media and Technology to nearly all Gamification! New Year – What could it Bring Posted on December 31, 2011Well,...

What the Klout just happened? 7

What the Klout just happened?

Klout. My friend my enemy and subject of some of my earliest posts. In October last year I wrote a blog called Treating the Klout. In it I discussed the big change they had...


The Importance of being Connected

Networking, Preconceptions and the Truth

When I first started working, I was full of ideals and preconceptions about the professional world. One of those preconceptions was about Networking, as in face to face networking – social networking was still to come. 


The rise and rise of the web developer

In the Beginning there was HTML

When I first started out in web design, things were different.  It was like the wild west – small groups of frontiers men still dipping their toe into the waters of what was possible.  It was a fairly well established industry at the time, but it was something that the general public didn’t get all that involved in. 

Confessions, Klout and Contradictions 7

Confessions, Klout and Contradictions

In my third set of musings around social influence and indexing tools such as Klout, I feel it is time to confess a few things.

But first, you may have noticed from my previous posts – I am not a fan of the importance being put on the afore mentioned tools in the industry.

Google Just Don’t get Social 1

Google Just Don’t get Social

Google have been playing with social networking for a while now. Wave, buzz and now Google+. Up until now they have failed to make any kind of impact, proving each time they just don’t...


Treating the Klout

Just recently, Klout changed something in their scoring algorithm. This something changed quite a few people’s scores. Some for the better and some for the worse. Now you see this proves the point I...