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The Importance of being Connected

Networking, Preconceptions and the Truth

When I first started working, I was full of ideals and preconceptions about the professional world. One of those preconceptions was about Networking, as in face to face networking – social networking was still to come. 


The rise and rise of the web developer

In the Beginning there was HTML

When I first started out in web design, things were different.  It was like the wild west – small groups of frontiers men still dipping their toe into the waters of what was possible.  It was a fairly well established industry at the time, but it was something that the general public didn’t get all that involved in. 


Treating the Klout

Just recently, Klout changed something in their scoring algorithm. This something changed quite a few people’s scores. Some for the better and some for the worse. Now you see this proves the point I...