Sell yourself with Confidence and a bit of Ego – but leave the arrogance at the door.

Professional life is all about selling yourself. Every day you need to sell yourself to others to make them believe that you can do the job they are asking of you.

To sell yourself you need to have an ego and you need to be confident. Ego shows you have pride in yourself. Confidence shows you have belief in yourself. If you don’t believe in yourself how will others?

However, confidence and ego are not the same as arrogance.

You are the best at what you do, you are the best person for the job, but there is no need to rub people’s noses in it! Read More ...

Meet the distracted, multi tasking and gamified workforce of the future.

Recently I was lucky enough to be given an hour to chat with a group of 16 and 17 year olds about Social Media and technology in general.

It started with a general chat about how we communicate in day-to-day life. I was amazed that the first answer I got was “Facebook”. I had twitter, Xbox live, MSN and email before we got to talking! Face to face human interaction. However, as I spoke to them more and more I began to understand why. They take digital communication for granted in the same way we who are older take face to face communication for granted. They thought that was the answer I was looking for. It is just as natural to them. Read More ...

Google+ app: Plus Cut Down To Size

Google+ is hot property right now. Technology bloggers the world over are writing thousands of words a day about it (myself included).

Sitting in a kind of partway space between the simplicity of Twitter and the do a bit of everything nature of Facebook, it is a technology that is still finding its true place in the social media world.

So far, it seems that where Facebook is for communicating with friends and family and Twitter is for engaging with new audiences and meeting new friends, Google+ is for talking at acquaintances! Read More ...

After sales care is just as important as pre sales if you want repeat business.

I have just been trying to fix an issue with a delivery of a new PC, from a very large manufacturer, for my Father. I bought it online last week. It was a great experience. I spoke to a very helpful online assistant, who helped me answer all my questions and it went very smoothly indeed.

However, sadly I made a mistake in the delivery address. I mistyped the postcode. Now, this should not be the biggest problem in the world. You can still deliver to an address without one! This was not the case.

Instead I received an email. This email told me there was a problem with the address. Fair cop, how do I fix this I thought? Read More ...

Bath time blogging and walking on the moon.

Image Bath time blogging and walking on the moon

Despite the title, this is actually about how amazing technology is and how much we take it for granted!

Right now, I am lying in my bath, typing this up on my iPhone. When I am finished, I will press publish on the WordPress app and moments later these words will become available to millions of people over the internet.
Whilst I am doing that I am also chatting to old friends over Meebo, Live communicator, Twitter and email.

Now, scrub that mental image from your mind and let the basic message sink in. We can communicate with friends and family and potentially connect with millions of other people all from a mobile device like a smart phone. Technology is amazing. Read More ...