Social Media without the social is just media.

Having a Twitter account or a Facebook page for your company or brand, does not mean you have a Social Media strategy.

Many companies seem to still forget that the key word in Social Media is “social”.

Without customer interaction all you have is media, you may as well just use RSS!

Whilst static feeds on the likes of Twitter have their place (BBC news for instance), if you want to build your brand, you need to engage with your client base or potential client base.

People follow celebrities, not just to find out what they had for breakfast, but because most talk directly to their followers, making them feel closer to their heroes. So it should be with your brand. Read More ...

Combat School, retro games, imagination and broken bones.

Combatschool Combat School retro games imagination and broken bones

I suppose I could call this the “Realification of Games”, but I won’t!

A slightly related more recent article I wrote can be found here Don’t See what’s there, see what’s not there.

“When I were a lad, games were better”.
That is often an opening gambit of any retro game lover. Of course it is not precisely true for all retro games. It would be more accurate to say; “when I were a lad, I loved the games we had available to us”.

That is not to say some were not better, but try convincing a modern gamer that any C64 game was better and they will laugh at you – before trying it. You see the sad fact is, they all look crap compared to the current photo realistic games we have. Read More ...

Google+ circling the drain or a great place to hangout?

For those who don’t yet know, Google+ is Google’s latest entry into the world of social networking. After Wave and Buzz, you have to wonder why – but more on the question why later.

Here are some thoughts based on a few days usage.

The Basics.
Upon registering you are asked to fill in a rather long winded profile. Annoying, but best to get it out of the way at the start I suppose.

Next you enter the site. It is clean and uncluttered. Facebook and Twitter should take note. Uncluttered is nice sometimes! There are a few sections that make up Google+. Read More ...

Online Gaming. A positive and enjoyable past time.

423073 390626730966234 374094667 n Online Gaming A positive and enjoyable past time

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… oh wait wrong story.

A few years ago, in a town somewhere in Cardiff, before I was a father or even married (I was at University), I got my first taste of online gaming. More specifically, clan gaming.

The game in question was Starship Troopers on the AOL network. It was a fairly simple Birdseye view space shooter, set in the Starship Troopers universe. What made it stand out was the fact that you needed to use real teamwork to get anywhere in it. Until then, most games I had played just needed you to run around shooting each other (Duke Nukem, Doom, Quake). None of them needed or promoted teamwork. Read More ...

He who shouts loudest isn’t always the most knowledgeable.

ATTENT03 He who shouts loudest isn 8217 t always the most knowledgeable

Rant alert!

The more blogs, articles, and tweets I read, the more I am seeing people described as experts. Often this is self-proclaimed, but not always.

The Oxford Dictionary describes an expert as:
“a person who is very knowledgeable about or skilful in a particular area”

Some of these people are legitimately experts. They know huge amounts about their field and can be very informative and interesting. Sadly, this is not always the case.

I am finding more and more that the people who make the most noise are being classed as experts (again, often by themselves). The travesty is that others listen, because as is the rule of the playground – He who shouts loudest will be listened to. Read More ...